We are Riverton Cross Country. We are The Pack. We are a team through everything. We conquer together. We sacrifice our own comfort for each other. We work our hardest because we trust each other and the team depends on us. The wolf avoids easy. The wolf is excited for challenges and thrives when competition is high. The wolf is hard working, determined, persistent, passionate, resilient, puts the packs needs before their own and is willing to sacrifice short term gratification for long term success. The wolf strives to be the best they can be to strengthen the pack. The wolf’s hard work, desire, and heart allow them to triumph against overwhelming odds. We work hard even when it’s inconvenient. We are 24 hour athletes. As a pack, we avoid mediocrity, which is developed through jealousy, spite and comparison. We don’t make excuses. Others success doesn’t take away from our own. Our success comes not by tarring others down rather by building them up. Success is in the consistent effort and comradery, not the result. Our success comes by consistent practice day in and day out months and years before it counts. We run for ourselves, for our family, for our community. We run for each other. We run to pave a path for those behind us. We run to leave a legacy. We are Riverton Cross Country. We are The Pack.


2015 Boys Season Goals



1. Team Unity: Everyone working together for the success of the team

a. Increase practice attendance and consistency

b. Each group help encourage people in their own group that are gone by talking and texting them


2. Performance: Strive for greatness

a. 15 Guys under 17 minutes in the 3 Mile

b. Finish top 5 in state with a 16:15 Average

c. Go to Nike regionals


3. 24 Hour Athlete: Little acts over time create big improvements.

a. Have recovery food after each practice

i. Food within the first 30 minutes after practice show greater recovery time and adaptations.

b. 100 % Mileage reporting - Logging miles in journals


2015 Girls Season Goals



1. Prepare: to make yourself ready for something that you will be doing, something that you expect to happen, etc.

a. Come prepared with paces for practice

b. Bring water and recovery food to practice each day


2. Unify: to cause (people or things) to be joined or brought together

a. Warm up and cool down together for races

b. Run as a group at practices-do the same route

c. Become good friends—do activities, breakfasts, etc. together


3. Synergize: Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

a. Twenty-five girls under 23:00*

b. Ten girls under 20:00*

c. Support each other during and after races (asking good questions about race outcomes, not just “What was your time?”)

Region 3 Cross Country Teams


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