Embrace the Challenge

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Team Process Goals

Be a 24 hour athlete: Being a 24 hour athletes means that to be successful in running you have to to the right things the other 22 hours of the day you are not working out - Carry around a bag of food/water. Eat more healthy food, don’t drink soda or eat too much candy and make sure to not eat anything abnormal just before a race/workout. Eat a simple sugar before working out and after eat protein/carbs to restore energy.

Post Workout Food - Eating something within the first 30 minutes after the workout. 

Cool down -  Cool down after each race and workout - 2 miles

Sleep  - Get 9 hours of sleep a day

Team Dinners - Team dinners before every meet. Talk about team goals durring the team dinner. 

Consistancy  -  100% Saturday attendance. 

Mentality of a Champion  

How do I get myself into a proper mind set to succeed? 

Taking risks: Growth occurs only when you are willing to try something you never done. Successful people take risks, they don't fear failure, they see failure as a way to learn, grow, become better and acieve more.  It took Thomas Edison 1000's of attempt to invent the light bulb. When ask about his 1000's of failures he said " I have not failed I have just found 10,000 ways it wont work. 


Pushing limits:  Another way to gain success is pushing your limits. Those whe are CONFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCONFORATBLE will see alot of success throughout their lives in what ever they do. When disconfort comes SMILE and be GLAD becuase  now the improvement has begun.  Also keep in mind that 99.9% of people aren't willing to be unconfortable. EMBRACE THE PAIN!!!

Avoid going through the motions: do everything you can to the best of your abilities, do your drills properly, embrace the workout

Self Evaluation: A champion is self checking themselves to make sure they are on the right track to succeed. Ask yourself questions such as: Am I embracing the challenge? Have I done all I can to better myself today? Am I doing the best I can for the team? Can I push my limits here? Etc…

Trust: Trust your training. Trust those around you that they are bettering themselves and more importantly trust yourself that you are putting in the work to succeed.


Believe: Believe that you can do great things and that what you're doing is making you better. The runner that believes in themselves and what they are doing will be much better than the runner just going through the motions to get the workout done.


Commitment: Be there everyday, and when you aren’t going to be there tell someone in advance and workout while you are gone.

Be a wolf: Take all of these things and combine them into a dedicated athlete and person. XC doesn’t just teach you how to run and improve health, it teaches you a way of life. Push yourself to the best you can be and then push yourself further, even if others don’t believe in you.



Are you a Wolf or a Sheep? 

Team Dynamics

Everyone matters:  A culure of excellence plays a huge role in a teams success. A culure is not just a few people it is the whole team when everyone on the team is invested in the program, works hard and supports the team flurishes. JV races set the tone for the varsity races. Every persons success reflects good on our community, school and team. 

Packing up: Find a group around your ability level and continue to push yourself and the group as to make all of you better.

School pride: Be proud of being a from Riverton, Be pround to be a Riverton Athlete, Be proud of all riverton athletes, and support them whenever you can. Just because we don’t get a lot of glory doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve the glory they get. If you add to their glory, then you add to yours as well, and it makes Riverton better for it.



  2. STATE - TOP 2: Breakup the Davis and AF dominance. Sub 19:00 Average

  3. Lettering - 15 Girls Sub 21 minutes in the 3 Mile


  1. NXN - FINISH TOP 10

  2. STATE - TOP 5: Break team average record. Run 16:10 average at state. 

  3. Lettering - 20 Boys Sub 17:30 in the 3 Mile

Region 3 Cross Country Teams


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