TRACK & FIELD and XC is a great environment for a person to find fulfillment and Joy in life. In my experience to be healthy and happy a person must develop four area of their life. If these areas are neglected I don't think a person/athlete can reach their full potential. As a team if we strive to develop these area's we will reach a high level of success on and off the field. 

1) Striving to Become Ones Best Self - TRACK & FIELD and XC creates an atmosphere where a person is allowed to push themselves and see an objective outcome of their hard work. When an athlete challenges themselves, self-esteem and confidence is built. When a athlete sets a goal and pushes towards that goal athletes come to learn a lot about themselves. They learn how the react when things get hard. They learn about their ability to persist and be gritty. They learn selflessness.  This process of pushing ones self in pursuit of excellence transfers over the other areas of the individual life.  Striving for excellence should be something that we do in every aspect of our lives.  RIVERTON ATHLETS DO NOT SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRE. WE ARE NOT AVERAGE. WE ARE DIFFERENT. WE BEHAVE IN A WAY THAT SETS US APART FROM THE NORM.  

2) Developing Relationship - For a sports team to be successful good relationship are a necessity. Science has shown study after study that when we develop good relationships with others: we are more driven, happier and healthier. Athletes that get an opportunity to be on a team and strive to reach a common goal develop life long friendships. GREAT TEAMS START WITH TRUST IN EACH-OTHER and THAT WILLINGNESS TO SACRIFICE FOR THEIR FRIENDS. 

3) Altruism -  Altruism is doing something for something greater then you. Altruism is the idea of putting someone else's needs above ones own needs. Living for something bigger than you magnifies your ability to be able to perform. They find this in all aspects of life from sports to education to business. If you have a purpose or if you know your WHY you will enjoy what you are doing and will be more successful. RIVERTON ATHLETE PUSH FOR EACH-OTHER, WE PUSH TO REPRESENT OUR SCHOOL, OUR FAMILY and OUR COMMUNITY. This is a selfless and service mindset. 

4) Purposeful and Deliberate Actions - One of the biggest struggles that prevents us from developing relationships and making our selves better is our inability to be in the moment and do things with a purpose. In this day and age where technology dominate our lives we have a hard time being in the present moment. We spend time with people but we don't actually spend time with people. My tip to you is "IF YOU ARE THERE BE THERE." Put Away your phones, know what you are doing and be purposeful in your actions. Two people can be in exact same situation and perform their task exactly same way and one could get ZERO growth while the other will excel. The reason is PURPOSE/INTENT/MINDFULNESS.  

Here are 3 way to be more purposeful 

1- Deliberate Practice - Do I perform my tasks with purpose or am i going through the motions

2 - Being in the HERE and NOW - When I am performing a task am I THERE or is my mind somewhere else. Am I worried about when is it going to end or am I try to perform that moment perfectly?  

3 - Feedback - Do I give myself construction feedback. Do I evaluate my performances and adapt to become better.  

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