Compression Socks 

compression sock have potenially multiple benifets.

1. Artery diolation or hemodynamics. Bring more 02 and blood to your Muscles

2. Venous retern - Brings non oxegenated blood back to the heart

3. lyphatic system flow. Which helps clean our toxens and repair damage areas. 

4. Reduces muscle vibrations making you more economical

5. increases proprception

6. Helps in the cold weather with circulation

7. Post Exercise Recovery. 

  • prevent blood and toxen puddling

  • help increse circulation 

  • This could aId in the quality of your workouts and have big implication on improvement


Not all these benifets have difinitive scientific data but shows potenial. Wearing compression socks post workout has good scientific backing. 



General Tips


1- Look for graduated Compression. This mean the pressure decrease as the sock gets higher on the leg

2- Look for a compression level between 15-30  mmhg. This is around the level that doctors would use  for petients with vein or circulation issues. 


Common Brand


CEP - ZENSAH - CW-X -  Vitalsox  - 2XU



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