Ice baths have been one of the more controversial topics as of recent. Some people argue that you should ice bath because it aid in recovery which in-turn will help you get back and get ready to hit another hard workout sooner. Other argue that if you ice bath after a hard workout you hinder your bodies adaption signals. They both are true. So it is a matter of timing and priority not a matter of if ice baths are good or bad for you. Here is our teams approach. 

MORE INFO - Each time we exercise there are micro tares in the muscles. This causes inflammation and soreness which in turn send signals for your body to adapt. Inflammation is good. 


Base base - Ice Baths should be very rare during this time. Avoid if possible.You should ice bath during this If you are really tired, overly sore and you don't feel like you are recovering.  

In Season - They are good to help your body get ready for a meet. It can be done once a week or once every other week.  

During a meet - The best time to ice bath would be if you need to do repeated races at a high level. Where recovery is important not adaptations. ​



- Get a cold bath NOT ICE COLD. The colder it is does not mean better. It actually can mean worse. 

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