Post Workout Nutrition -  Eating within 30 minutes after your workout can overtime pay big dividends. Back in June of 2014 I went a seminar where Ryan Hall(the american record holder in the marthon) said that every professinal athlete he knows carries around a bag of food to snack on during the day and for after a workout. 
There has been many studies showing the importance of getting in food post workout. Right after your workout your metabolism is going crazy. You bodies ability to absorb nutrients is at its peak. 
Gernal Rules
- Try to get your food ingested within the first 30 minutes after your workouts
- Try to find food high in carbs and protien with a little bit of fat. around a 3:1 to 4:1 carb:protien ratio is optimal according to most studies. 
- Anything is better than nothing but the more healthy the better. 
My Favorite Post Workout Foods
PB&J sandwitch - Nuts - Trail Mix - Chocolate Milk  - Fruit - Smoothy - Yogart with Granala - Cheese, Crackers, Jerky - Cottage Cheese. 

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