2014 XC CAMP

August 14, 2014

Camp was held at Redman Campground up Big Cotton Wood Canyon. We choose this area becuase of the high elevation, the beautiful scenery and it is farily close to Riverton. This is the 4th straight year we have held it here and it keeps getting better and better. This year was our biggest attendance ever with about 60 kids. 



TOTAL MILES - 20-30  in 2.5 day


Run 1: 7.2 Miles  - We Started off the run doing Blanche Lake. It is about a 3.75 Mile run up the mountain and at the top there is several lakes and a waterfall. is is really quite the sight and a very tough run. 












Run 2: 30-45 Minute Jog  - Run 2 was around Silver Lake. This was a shake out run later that night. It is nice and flat and is need after a hard up hill run. 

Run 3: 7-10 Miles - Our second run is up to sunset peak. This is probably our hardest run and It is another steep uphill run. The older athletes start from camp and the younger from the trail head. Durring this run we saw three lakes  and some beautiful really beautiful scenery. 

Run 4: 2.5 - 5 Miles - This run heads up to donut falls. It is a short run and gives the kids an opportunity to play in some water. It turned into a really fun run when the rain hit us. It was nice because it was raining hard but the weather was still warm. This made it quite the adventure which spiced up the run a little. 












Run 5: 3 Miles - This run is to lake solitude. It is a run that is fairly easy and shakes out the legs before our Team Mile Time Trial. 












Run 6: 1 Mile - For our final run we do a TEAM MILE TIME TRAIL. This is the climax of camp. Most of the kids have ran more miles then they ever have and to cap off a tough couple days we race!!! There where some studly performances ran this year. This is the deapest team we have ever had and the time trial times showed it. Click HERE for results.  Katie Christopherson, Zoe Bartlome and Kim all ran sub 6:10. Tracen Warnick, Levi Wolfley, Jonny Roy and Duncan all ran sub 5:20.  


















Thank you guys for working hard and doing your best. I can see the fire in our whole team to want to be better. As your coach I am really proud how you all are working so hard together. This is going to make our team a lot better quickly. Keep that tenacity. Thank you older kids who are being great example and leading the team,




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