September 14, 2014



After a really hard week of training, homecoming and school moving into full swing our team still looked pretty strong for the most part. There were some great times ran this week and we did a really good job at competing.  As a team we need to make sure that no matter what the distractions are from the week , we need to come mentally and physically prepared to run our best. Conditions from practice, weather, life etc.  might hinder us from setting our best time but it is really important that we are prepared to compete no matter what. Great atheletes don't always set PR's but they come ready to try. Sell yourself on why you should give it your all. 


Boys PR's 

Matthew Parker 

David Rollo
Tyler Hammond

Patrick Ruf

Isaac Warsham

Noah Sorensen

Caleb Nokes



Boys Highlight of the meet was Mattew parker finishing 14th overall in the freshman/sophmore race and setting a big PR. This  PR was after a subpar performace at pre-region. His race a good example of being persistant and keeping a good attitude even when things don't go perfectly. Alot of people that have bad races dwell on it and let it consume them. This act hinders them from reaching there full potenial. Matt came prepared to race.  





2nd boys highlight of the week has to go to Ducan Forrest who has been mister consitant.  He has led our team the who season. He always looks like he is there and 

ready to compete and it shows.










Girls PR'S

Sam Jacobson

Kate Christopherson

Shambrea Ogden

Rylee Wood
Bailie Spears

Breann Lang

Kaylee Larson

Jessica Anderson

Kelly Alldredge

Emily Bluth

Kaitlin Richards

Veronica Richards

Alyssa Ramynke

Kaylee Ballard

Ashley Lund 


Girls Higlight of the meet has to go to Sam Jacobson rocked it in the varsity race. She was the fastest freshman at the meet. finished 17th over and beat quite a few girls who stat qualified last year. 


2nd girls highlight goes to Shambrea Ogden who ran a big PR and finsihed very well in the freshmans sophmore race. She eared a varsity letter by her time today


Other noticable race performances came from Kara Johansen and Kate Christopherson both can through big for the girl varsity team. 






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