Distance @ Lehi & Davis Invite

April 24, 2016



This was a pretty good week for the distance runners. The team is getting really good at racing. We are pushing when it is uncomfortable to push, we are finishing strong and we are taking risks. That is one big step to having great seasons and setting personal bests.

There is a hierarchy to the way we run and as we develop as athletes we go through stages. Below is a description of each stage. As an athlete I encourage you to aspire to move up the stages and become a better competitor. 

Stage 1: Jogger - Just runs for social or health reasons. 

Stage 2: Runner  - Start being able to push themselves in workouts and races. 

Stage 3: Pacer  - Is able to feel pace, is able to hit paces in workouts and is able to create race gameplans around pace 

Stage 4: Racer  - Is able to adapt and react to changes and situations in their race. 

Stage 5: Hunter - Wants to win, has a killer instinct, hates to lose, pushes through high levels of discomfort, never gives up, and is goal oriented. 

Stage 6: Alpha Wolf  - An Alpha Wolf is a hunter with an altruistic attitude. Their performance is elevated because they run not for themselves but their team. Their motives are selfless. 


LEHI, PG and Riveron TRI-MEET


We started out the week at Lehi  where Katie Coleman and Jenna Young made the 800 really exciting. They both set season bests and went 1st and 2nd overall. It was great to see Katie race again after being off from running for such a long time. 


In the 1600 Megan Naylor ran a great race. Megan started out at a pretty good pace and sat around 7th or 8th place and about  30m behind the lead group. As the race progressed Megan moved up very well finishing 4th overall and only a few seconds behind the leaders. Megan set her personal best in the 1600 with a time of 6:14. 


In the 1600 on the boys side there were two very impressive races. In the first boys heat Noah Sorensen ran a very good race and set a personal best of around 26 seconds. Making a jump from 5:40 all the way down to a 5:14. Noah's finish was extremely fun to watch.  Caleb Nokes also had a really great race. He was very aggressive and kept pushing himself. Caleb improved his personal best from a 5:20 to a 5:09. 





Davis Invite



Breann Lang gets the never give up award. About half way through the race breann was jockeying for position and tried to move in on the turn a another girl cliped her heels and she went down. Breann was able to get back up and still was able to run a personal best.  WOW THATS AMAZING.



In the open 1600 Duncan Forrest set a season PR and won his second straight race by blowing the doors off his opponents in the last 400. Duncan ran a perfect tactical race. 




In the open 800 Ammon Baker ran an amazing race with a solid 2:03 which is faster than I was (Coach Englestead) in High school. 


The 3200 probably had the best performances of the day on both the boys and girls side. 


In the open 3200 Braden Robins took 3rd overall with a great last 400 and Ty Davis took 12th.  Ty improved his own freshman record and Braden moved up to 7th all time in school history moving ahead of the great Macy Butterfield. Ty ran a 10:11 and Braden ran 9:54. 


In the girls invitational 3200. Sam Jacobson and Katie Christopherson both ran personal Records. In less than ideal conditions. Sam ran a great time of 11:29 and Katie ran a 11:35. Sam and Katie are the 2nd and 3rd fastest girls in school history only behind McKayla Morgan. 


In the boys invitational 3200 Tracen Warnick keeps up his impressive streak of great races and state qualifies in his 3rd event. Tracen ran 9:33 and becomes the 3rd fastest in school history only 1 second off Trevor Sharp. 



Season Best/Personal Best set this week. 



Ammon Baker

Sean Rausch

Zoe Bartlome

Katie Coleman

Jenna Young

Ben Coleman 



Megan Naylor

Kaitlin Richards

Kylee Nielsen

Emily Emch

Breanne Lang

Holly Haymore
Duncan Forrest

Caleb Nokes

Noah Sorenson

Tage Wilcox

Jacob Andrews

Blake Willis



Samantha Jacobson

Katie Christopherson

Tracen Warnick

Braden Robbins

Ty Davis








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